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For businesses throughout Sussex


Professional networking is a membership organisation with the purpose of building business relationships with like-minded people and to pass qualified business referrals. It is also the time we can work on our business, develop our networking skills and to collectively support our colleagues with their businesses and innovative ideas.


We do this by having an exclusive membership, a single member representing each business category.

We meet monthly on a Wednesday, and at our meetings we start with open business networking, and then sit down for a buffet lunch.


During lunch, members and visitors introduce themselves and tell everyone what we do, how they do it and the type of business referral they like to receive. We pass business referrals, discuss in open forum and in confidence, topical issues, hear new ideas, listen to our colleagues' needs and concerns, and have the opportunity to present our own business to the group.

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Monthly Meetings:

Hydro Hotel,

Eastbourne, East Sussex

See who our Members are:


Business Interior Solutions
Chartered Accountants
Commercial Banking
Financial Adviser
Funeral & Event Catering
Graphic Design
HR Consultant
IT & Telephone Systems
Litho Printers
Property Rentals
Utility Supplier

Building Relationships Support Referrals Success

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